Extraordinary Fragrance for Interiors

From humble beginnings in a small factory in Melbourne, Abode Aroma highly regarded diffusers are now sold in prestige department and lifestyle stores in 34 countries delighting customers worldwide. Using colour as an inspiration for fragrance creation and striking packaging design, the Abode Aroma collection is designed to enhance the everyday living experience. Abode Aroma is recognised as having developed a unique formulation that is unrivalled in delivering both exquisite fragrance and exceptional longevity. Working in collaboration with some of the world’s most gifted perfumers, we use only the finest raw materials and our classic, crystal clear bottles with stylish decorative collars that blend into any decor. An Abode Aroma diffuser will add memorable ambiance to your home every day.

The sense of smell plays a critical role in evoking emotional, psychological and sexual responses. Scents stimulate our mind and are rarely forgotten as we tend to associate them with feelings.

Humans are capable of distinguishing more than 10,000 different smells. The sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than the sense of taste.

Superior formulation, with 90% fragrance oil and no water, ensures very high quality performance and great longevity

Use fragrance combinations to create unique moods for any room